Ai Do Farai Restaurant in Venice

Ai Do Farai restaurant operates within Venice, Italy’s sestiere Dorsoruro, at Calle Cappeller 3278.

A historical restaurant relaunched by Pierluigi Borella and Dino Tofoletti, Ai Do Farai is a popular meeting place, where you can stumble upon local rowing champions, famous gondoliers, and tourists alike.

Ristorante Ai Do Farai in Venice, Italy.

Atmosphere at the restaurant is traditional, rustic, and welcoming, with tables on the lovely Campiello dei Squeini through the summer period, where you can enjoy your meal in the Italian sunshine.

On the restaurant’s menu, you’ll discover recipes based on traditional Venetian lagoon cooking, meaning various types of fish dishes and seafood specialties.

Ristorante Ai Do Farai Venezia
Calle Cappeller, 3278, Sestiere Dorsoduro
Hours: Monday-Saturday 12-14:30, 19-22:30

One of the special features of the restaurant is that their carpaccio is sliced raw directly on the customer’s tables.

Among customer menu favorites is Thin Slices of Raw Sea Bass Marinated in Prosecco, featuring paper-thin slices of bass and finished with a dash of Prosecco.