Ca’ Macana Venetian Masks Shop in Venice

Venetian masks store Ca’ Macana operates within Venice, Italy’s Dorsoduro district, at Calle de la Boteghe, 3172.

Open to customers since 1986, Ca’ Macana is today one of the oldest and most celebrated mask making workshops in Venice.

Ca' Macana Venetian masks shop in Venice, Italy.

In addition to offering a wide range of masks to their customers, Ca’ Macana has also revitalized the old tradition of Venetian carnival masks with a steady stream of new designs while staying true to the original, authentic techniques.

Visiting the shop, you’ll find everything from harlequin to bauta, colombina, and moretta masks, all made by Ca’ Macana, among the most well-respected and recognized producers of Venice carnival masks in the world.

Ca' Macana Venetian masks store in Venice, Italy.

All of Ca’ Macana masks are custom papier-mache masks hand-made from gesso molds by expert artisans, from materials such as fine fabrics, real feathers, Swarovski gems, as well as gold leaf and silver leaf.

In addition to faithful reproductions of classic masks, Ca’ Macana creates one of the most complete collections of Commedia dell’Arte inspired masks in Venice.

Main categories of masks at the store include Eye Mask Colombina, Bauta Mask, Face Masks, Long Nose Masks, Plague Doctor Masks, Cat Masks, Feather Masks, Comedy Tragedy Masks, Joker Masks, Traditional Venetian Masks, plus Commedia dell Arte Masks.

Meanwhile, their contemporary masks are absolutely original, each made using the same time-honored techniques as traditional Venetian masks.

Ca’ Macana also organizes workshops, where you can learn to create and decorate Venetian masks under the expert guidance of the shop’s craftsmen.

Ca’ Macana Venezia
Calle de la Boteghe, 3172, Sestiere Dorsoduro
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10-20 (Summer time), 10-18:30 (Winter time)

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