Gelato di Natura Ice Cream Shops in Venice

Gelato ice cream shop chain Gelato di Natura has three locations in Venice, Italy, including one within Santa Croce (Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio, 1628).

Established in 1982, Gelato di Natura offers delicious Italian-style artisanal gelato ice-cream in a wide range of flavours.

Gelato di Natura ice cream shop at Cannaregio sestiere in Venice, Italy.

For many, the chain is the epitome of fine artisan Italian gelato thanks to Gelato di Natura’s ability to combine the tastiness of tradition and the pleasant surprises offered by continuous innovation.

Some of the popular flavours in the menu include Tiramisù Venezia (with Savoiardi biscuits, cream and zabaglione with Marsala), Spagnola Fabbri (with vanilla seeds, milk, eggs, cream, and Fabbri black cherries), Cioccomenta Fabbri (with Fabbri mint extract and chocolate chips)…

Gelato di Natura's gelato ice cream, available in Venice, Italy.

…Noce di Cocco (with coconut milk and pulp), Arancio (with Sicilian orange juice and pulp), as well as seasonal flavours like Cioccolato Bianco (white chocolate) and Mandorlato & Miele (honey and almonds from Garzotto, superior quality since 1840).

Gelato di Natura Ice Cream Shop Locations in Venice, Italy

Gelato di Natura Venezia – Campiello de l’Anconeta
Campiello de l’Anconeta, 1915, Sestiere Cannaregio

Gelato di Natura Venezia – Campo Santi Apostoli
Campo Santi Apostoli, 4454, Sestiere Cannaregio

Gelato di Natura Venezia – San Giacomo dell’Orio
Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio, 1628, Sestiere Santa Croce

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