Meneghetti l’orafo di Venezia Jewelry Store in Venice

Jewellery store Meneghetti l’orafo di Venezia has one location in Venice, Italy, within sestiere San Marco at Campo S. Bartolomeo, 5173.

In business since the 1960s, Meneghetti is a well established Venetian landmark, popular among the local community and tourists alike.

Meneghetti l'orafo di Venezia Jewelry Store in Venice, Italy.

The family-owned store, where you’ll always get friendly and professional service, carries a selection of jewelry that covers both traditional and more contemporary styles.

Meneghetti’s jewelry range includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, silver cutlery, gift items (for baby showers, weddings, etc.), traditional Venetian jewelry, as well as custom made silver & gold jewelry.

The brands you can find at the shop include Chimento, Yukiko, Cielo Venezia, Miluna, Bliss, Demetra, Le Bebè, Roberto Giannotti, Tuum, Amen, Agios, Brosway, Mabina, 2Jewels, Athena, Vai Milano, Ibamboli, Marlú, Caramelle, Liu Jo, Lorenz, and Arcadia.

Among the additional services offered by Meneghetti goldsmith jewelers are customization of any product (engraving), delivery (worldwide), repairs, plus estimates of ancient or modern jewels to assess their current market value.

Meneghetti l’orafo di Venezia
Campo S. Bartolomeo, 5173, Sestiere San Marco

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