Pizzeria Ae Oche Restaurants in Venice

Pizzeria Ae Oche has two locations in Venice, Italy, one adjacent to Santa Lucia train station (Strada Nova, 158A) and another within Santa Croce district (Ramo Quinto Gallion O del Pezzetto, 1552A).

Ae Oche restaurant’s are busy tavern-style pizzerias that feature booth seating and a decorations made out of American memorabilia.

The pizzeria features a vast pizza menu (some 50-60 options to choose from), each great tasting and well prepared, with artisanal beers, pasta dishes, and salads also available, all at reasonable prices.

Pizzeria Ae Oche Restaurant Locations in Venice, Italy

Pizzeria Ae Oche Venezia
Ramo Quinto Gallion O del Pezzetto, 1552A, Sestiere Santa Croce

Pizzeria Ae Oche Santa Lucia
Strada Nova, 158A, Sestiere Cannaregio

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