Pylones Design & Gift Store in Venice

French utility design company Pylones has one store in Venice, Italy, located within sestiere Cannaregio, at Strada Nova, 3948.

Founded by Jacques Guillemet and Lena Guillemet in 1985 in Paris, France, Pylones makes colorful & playful items and products that are great for everyday living or for giving away as gifts.

Pylones design & gift store in Venice, Italy.

Pylones creates the products by combining popular arts and traditions, techniques and secular ornaments, to then making use of 21st century materials for offbeat, modern objects that showcase both heritage and technological progress.

Characteristically for the brand, Pylones likes to shake things up – reinventing, dressing, and coloring the products to make daily routines more fulfilling, more humor-filled, and even magical.

Pylones products, available in Venice, Italy.

Each product has lovingly created handmade / designer patterns, and whether striking, subtle, figurative or abstract, each one is at the end unique.

Pylones Venezia – Cannaregio
Strada Nova, 3948, Sestiere Cannaregio
Hours: Monday-Sunday 9:30-19:30

Pylones has an official, worldwide Facebook brand page available at

The brand’s Facebook page is a great resource for learning more about the latest Pylones designs, their upcoming events, and much more.