Zara Store in Venice

Spanish fast fashion brand Zara has one boutique in Venice, Italy, located at Zorzi, 1176/A.

Established by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in 1975 in Spain, Zara is today a global fashion brand for women’s and men’s clothing & accessories.

Zara store in Venice, Italy.

Zara operates under a fast fashion concept, featuring an extremely quick design process that adapts to rapidly changing trends and customer tastes, with new apparel & accessories reaching the company’s stores twice a week.

Thanks to this rapid turnaround time and an abbreviated production cycle, which is propelled forward by a 200-person design team, Zara introduces some 10,000 new products to its shops on an annual basis.

In other words, whenever you decide to shop at Zara, you’re sure to find something new, unique, and interesting from sharpest edges of the current fashion trends.

Zara clothing, available in Venice, Italy.

At the Venice store you can purchase Zara’s women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing lines, as well as shoes and accessories.

Zara stores themselves are a pleasure to visit, as they’ve been built on principles of simplicity, beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability, resembling an intimate boutique with the associated friendly atmosphere.

Zara Venezia
Zorzi, 1176/A

Zara has an official, worldwide Facebook page at

The Zara Facebook page is a wonderful resource to learning more about the brand’s latest styles & collections, their new shops around the globe, advertising campaigns, and more.